Namyangju Cleaning

Cleaning up dirty places. The most common cleaning is cleaning the house, cleaning the furniture, on the floor or in the wardrobe, ventilators in the kitchen, bathrooms, toilets and gardens. If the meaning is expanded, the level of organization is also included in cleaning. There is a vacuum cleaner with related electronic devices.

The basis of health, which is important in a person's life, comes from the cleanliness of their residence. Dust and dust accumulated in the residence include a lot of particles such as human hair, dead skin cells, and food turrets, and it is basically not good because mold or germs are good to grow.

However, most of them are lazy, so they don't do it well, and they don't postpone it or at all. It is easy for people who usually live alone to become like this. If you have a cliché or have a habit of living cleanly, you'll work hard without losing your earchanism.

In fact, before it gets messy enough to require cleaning, you don't have to clean it up hard if you just keep the very natural principle of putting the bitter stuff in place immediately and putting the trash in the trash can as soon as it happens. However, it is a problem because the instinct of a person is not so correct. Of course, as dust accumulates and body hair falls, the floor becomes dirty, so cleaning is necessary.

Once you start, you have to see the end to feel refreshed. Since the beginning is half-way, we don't want to clean up, so the wikers in this item will start cleaning. Even if you are lazy before you do it, you will gain momentum when you do it.

If you want to live like a human being, do simple cleaning at least once every three days. The more you postpone, the more painful it is later. It doesn't show every day, but if you don't, you can see it right away. If you leave it for a few days and it doesn't show,

If there is a mess on the floor, dust accumulates while not cleaning. The basic of simple cleaning is to clean the floor so that it is not left unattended for a long time, remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or broom, and wipe the floor with a mop or a wet mop. If cleaning a room is difficult and annoying, just cleaning the floor reduces the dust inside and changes the air.

1. Open all open windows. It is the basis of the basics for ventilation. In the case of high-rise apartments or office buildings where some windows are not open at all, turn the air conditioning unit into a pool in ventilation mode and open the entrance door.

2. If you have a bed, remove the blanket, walkable sheet, and pillow.

If you don't have a large window to lower your veranda or blanket, you'd better open it in the hallway. There is quite a few invisible fine dust on the blanket or sheet, so shake it off carefully. If you have to shake it off alone, you can fold it in half or 1/4 and shake it back and forth while turning it upside down. If you have a vacuum cleaner, you can also suck it in using a blanket or carpet brush.

3. Dust off furniture, decorations, and lights with dust.

Dust is usually poured down, so you have to shake it off from the top to prevent road amittabolism. If you don't want dust to fly, you can wipe it with water on your kitchen towel or mop.

4. Turn the vacuum cleaner.

If you have a small vacuum cleaner, remove the dust under your bed, if not, use a broom, and if you don't have it, wipe the big dust with a tissue. No matter how much money you don't have, old vacuum cleaners can be used for less than 50,000 won. Having a robot vacuum cleaner can be convenient, but the price is also high and the floor cannot be cleaned. It is recommended to purchase both handheld and floor as much as possible. If the room is small, it is convenient to move things that occupy seats, such as chairs, to another room. The air outlet of the vacuum cleaner faces outside the door and is sucked from the entrance to prevent dust from flying. If large substances such as tissues are sucked in, the suction efficiency decreases, so remove large substances in advance so that they do not suck. For vacuum cleaners with dust rotators, it is recommended to empty them frequently because the less dust there is inside, the better it is to suck up small dust.

5. Use a mop.

When you wipe the hard side of the mop, squeeze it so that the water does not rise. Starting from the furniture to the floor is the furniture and end on the floor. Let's do it even if it's annoying. Once you wipe it, you'll be surprised by the enormous amount of dust the vacuum cleaner couldn't absorb. If one side of the mop is dirty, wipe it with the clean side out. When you're done, wash the dirty mop. You can take some water from the basin and put some detergent on the side and wash it while washing it.

6. Wash hands and feet.

There are many people who overlook it, which is very important. Of course, dust or foreign substances are on your hands during cleaning, so it can be buried in books, wallpaper, furniture, etc. unintentionally, and it is not hygienic. This is because dust and sand are buried in the case of feet. It is also good to wash occasionally in the middle of cleaning. Take off your clothes or change them because they can get dust.